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 Laznia Nowa

Laznia Nowa Krakow

Outer city center
os. Szkolne 25
+4812 425 03 20


Laznia Nowa is the youngest theater in Cracow. It is placed in Nowa Huta – the youngest and the most mysterious district of the city. As our residence we use postindustrial halls, in which young blue collar workers of The W. Lenin Metallurgical Industrial Complex were trained. Just few years ago lathes, milling machines and other machines were still used in these rooms. You can even still smell machine grease, though the spirit in here is completely different. The scene, the audience, spectacles, concerts and exhibitions...everything to complete the transformation of this place. Grey blocks of flats, lots of greenery, some church crosses and huge supermarkets. This is the scenery that surrounds our theater. For some beautiful, for other cursed. Nowa Huta always used to evoke such radical emotions. This place used to be ruled by history. Since it’s creation Nowa Huta was a test paper of all political and social changes. Inhabitants of this district were marked by h
 istory and ideas. Maybe that is the reason why changes of year `89 were so harmful for them. At first the beloved child of communistic regime, the city without god, built in opposition to conservative Cracow, than the heart of resistance and “Solidarnosc” - in which many fights for human freedom and dignity took place, one of John Paul II favorite places, afterwards free trade, downfall of The Industrial Complex and... oblivion. Huta wasn’t important anymore. The inhabitants had their memories and a travesty of industrial district. Mass media soon named it as the most dangerous city area. 250 thousand people were sentenced to stereotype. Our work is an objection to such viewing of this district. People want to be, live and to work here. Discouragement, indifference and apathy are everywhere and you always got to fight them with consistent work and persistence. I believe that every kind of creative activity has a affirmative message. It comes out in the very
  act of creation. Basic message: Do not be afraid to speak for yourself, take initiative and if you do not like something try to change it by yourself. By our activity we encourage to this. In Łaźnia Nowa we want to create a place where actors and inhabitants of Nowa Huta are both feeling good... Nowa Huta is an inspiration.

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