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Weekend in Krakow
Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. If you decide to visit, you will [...]

Where to drink in Krakow - an instant guide to pubs, bars and cafes in Cracow
Cafes have always been especially popular with thinkers and artists to give and receive inspiration, [...]

Best luxury hotels in Krakow
You'll find some of the best luxury hotels in Krakow below. Discover luxury hotel accommodation, spa [...]

Go extreme in Krakow
Krakow is a perfect place for sightseeing and clubbing, however those who are eager to complement [...]

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Krakow
Christmas in Krakow, as in other parts of the world, is the most celebrated time of [...]

Foreign Consulates in Krakow
Although Krakow is no longer the capital of Poland, the city has a good number of [...]

Getting around Krakow
While getting around Krakow’s city centre you do not need public transport or a car, as [...]

Krakow Travel Guide for Gays and Lesbians
Over the years, Poland has been conservative towards homosexuality, as a result of the strong Roman [...]

Hidden treasures of Zwierzyniec
Zwierzyniec, one of Krakow’s districts, may not be the most touristic part of Krakow, however the area [...]

Expats in Krakow
There is a growing number of expats, who have chosen Krakow as their new home. Below [...]

Parking Zones in Krakow
In Krakow’s city centre there are three zones of restricted traffic and parking, where you have [...]

Krakow for kids
Krakow is famous for its beautiful architecture, historical buildings, museums and galleries. However, the city will [...]

Take Care of Your Health in Krakow
When you come to Krakow for holidays or a weekend break and you happen to get [...]

Foreign Direct Investments in Krakow
Krakow offers attractive business opportunities and the number of direct foreign investments constantly increases. The largest [...]

Spa Hotels in Krakow
The term Spa is the abbreviation of the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through [...]

Amenities for disabled tourists in Krakow
In August 2007 Krakow joined the nationwide scheme “Poland without barriers”, whose aim is to improve [...]

Basic information for tourists travelling to Krakow
VISA INFORMATION   Apart from the citizens of the EU countries, citizens of the following countries are not [...]

The Internet in Krakow
There are numerous internet cafes in Krakow, many of them located in the Old Town. The [...]

Shopping in Krakow
Krakow is undoubtedly a perfect destination for tourists thanks to its fine architecture and magic ambience [...]

Arriving by train - Krakow main railway station
The main railway station (Dworzec Glowny) is conveniently situated on the edge of the Old Town. [...]

Tatra Mountains and Zakopane Resort
The Tatra Mountains, covering the area of about 750 square kilometres, are the highest part of [...]

Krakow Awaits Euro 2012
Michel Platini, the UEFA President, announced the decision of the Executive Committee. Poland and Ukraine have [...]

Polish Language tips and useful phrases
Polish is the official language of Poland. It has the second largest number of speakers among [...]

Eye on Krakow: Outsourcing in Krakow gone mad? Even the Indians are coming...
What IS going on?Bangalore must currently be the world's official outsourcing centre... But for how much [...]

Poles and their history through Englishmen's eyes
This article is a polemics with articles published by Peter Fairless. The links to these articles [...]

Hiring a car in Krakow
There is a wide choice of local and international car rental companies in Krakow. You can [...]

Krakow Nightlife and Night Clubs
You’ve spent the day wandering about museums, taking photographs of historical monuments and have sampled some [...]

Cinemas in Krakow
Almost all films shown in Krakow's cinemas are in the original language, with Polish subtitles. Prices [...]

Where are all the Jews, anyway?
The observant may notice whilst sightseeing in the Kazimierz district of Krakow that the Jewish population [...]

Aqua Park in Krakow
Since the day of its opening (June 2000), Aqua Park is the most popular Krakow centre [...]

Largest Universities in Krakow
Krakow is a major centre of education and home to some of Poland's finest colleges and [...]

Trumpeting Krakow traditions
The bugle call that drifts over the rooftops of Krakow every hour on the hour is [...]

In the Footsteps of John Paul II
Krakow is an only town all over the world which has places connected with almost all [...]

Podgorze Historical Route
After the First Partition of Poland (1772), Krakow remained Polish and the Vistula River became the [...]

Eye on Krakow: Nieruchomosci - Property
Juan King, Spanish exchange student, writes exclusively in his new CracowOnline.com weekly column “Eye on Krakow” [...]

The Krakow Industrial Heritage Route
The Industrial Heritage Route in Krakow is an urban tourist trail – the first of this [...]

Nowa Huta Route
Nowa Huta – a huge industrial complex and steelworks – is a symbol of industrial Poland [...]

The Krakow University Route
The academic traditions of Krakow go back to the 14th century. In 1364 King Kazimierz Wielki [...]

The Krakow Royal Route
The Royal Route begins by St Florian’s Church in Matejko’s Square where the Rector with the [...]

Saint Stanislaus of Krakow Route
The route begins by the Archicathedral of SS Venceslas and Stanislaus (Royal Cathedral) on Wawel Hill. [...]

Jewish Heritage Route - The District of Kazimierz in Krakow
Originally, Kazimierz, that got its name from its founder King Kazimierz Wielki (Kazimierz the Great), was [...]

Ojcow National Park near Krakow
Ojcow National Park is located in Southern Poland (Malopolskie region), 16 km north of Krakow, on [...]

The Special Economic Zone: Krakow Technology Park
The Special Economic Zone - Kraków Technology Park was established in 1998. Its territory, appropriated for industrial [...]

Business Opportunities in Malopolska voivodship
The region of MalopoIska is bounded by the Swietokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains on the north, the [...]

Arriving by budget low cost airlines
Since June 2004 it is possible to save a lot of money thanks to the "no-frills" [...]

Krakow Balice Airport - timetable, carriers, how to get there
If you fly to Poland, you will likely land at Okecie Airport (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport), [...]

Poles and a modern form of Dickensian Capitalism
I came to Poland expecting to find a society in which the principles of Capitalist consumerism [...]

Arriving in Krakow
Krakow-Balice airport, also known as John Paul II International Airport is located to the west of [...]

Getting around
Princess Wanda of Polish legend threw herself to a watery death in the river Wisla. After [...]

Where to live in Krakow?
Where to live in Krakow? If you are planning to come and live here for a [...]

Krakow Restaurants - a places to eat in Krakow
By not only Polish standards, Krakow is an eating, drinking and partying paradise - the Old [...]

Facts about Poland
Poland, situated in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of both ancient trade and [...]

A Must-See Guide for Krakow Newcomers
Rynek Glowny (the Main Market Square) Krakow’s marvellous Main Square, one of the greatest in Europe, [...]

The Cracow story and factfile
Krakow is a walkable city and everything focuses on the Market Square in the pedestrianised Old Town. [...]

Why visit Krakow ?
Cracow for a long time has been under the influence of the fairy-tale like scenery's charm, [...]

Residential market in Krakow
The latest National Census statistics show that in 2002 the entire residential stock in Krakow amounted [...]

Krakow Shopping and Retail market
The retail market in Krakow began to develop in 1995. The first development of this type [...]

Office Space Market in Krakow
The modern office market in Krakow has been developing dynamically since the late 90’s, but the [...]

Business and Education Opportunities in Krakow
Krakow, Cracow, Cracovie, Cracovia – call it what you will – is the scientific, administrative, financial [...]

Krakow booze - the ultimate vodka how-to drinking guide
Vodka ( wódka ) is by far the No. 1 Polish brew and is consumed in [...]

Pyrzowice Katowice Airport near Krakow
International Katowice Airport administers passenger terminal which is 7600 square metres in area with transfer capacity [...]

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